A Night of Hope

During its annual Night Of Hope on Thursday, October 12, the Community of Hope in Washington, D.C., raised over $400,000 – celebrating “Hope Across the City.”

Bob Sloan, for 25 years the CEO of Sibley Hospital, pictured here between me and Kelly Sweeney McShane, the C/H director for the past 17 years, received the annual Tom Nees Award for Exceptional Service. Bob was the founding board chairman in 1980 and has remained an engaged supporter in the years since.   He joined with me and others to start this faith-based ministry among the city’s neediest residents.

The Community of Hope has become one of Washington’s most respected full-service charities – during the past year providing transitional housing to over 1,000 homeless families and health care to 10,000 patients at several locations all across the city.

With the right kind of intervention it is possible to break the cycle of poverty for individuals, families and neighborhoods.  But it takes more than money and programs, as important as those are, to bring about personal and social transformation.

Faith communities bring hope without which little changes for the better.   Servant leaders like Bob Sloan, director Kelly Sweeney McShane and the entire Community of Hope family of staff, volunteers and generous contributors are the difference makers.

I am honored for this annual Exceptional Service award to be offered in my name.   May this legacy continue to give hope to the needy and inspire others to serve where needed.

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5 Responses to A Night of Hope

  1. Gene Gabbard says:

    An incredible success story in truly helping the needy. The Community of Hope stands as a beacon on how to make a very significant difference in a tough environment. My hat is off to Tom Nees, Bob Sloan, Kelly McShane and all of those who provide the leadership and time helping others.

  2. Lois says:

    I am filled with gratitude for all the people over the years that have contributed to the care, compassion and hope inspired by COH. Especially grateful for Bob and Tom for following their hearts and vision to start a mission based on relationships not on programs. And, grateful for their continuing support and encouragement of those who are at COH today. It’s good and important work enriching lives and creating places and opportunities for healing for individuals, families and the community.

  3. Kelly Sweeney McShane says:

    It is always such an honor and a joy to hear Bob and Tom talk about the early days. I continue to be grateful for and in awe of the vision and persistence of all of you Founders. I feel very blessed to follow in the footsteps of Bob and Tom, and to do my best to continue the original vision. I ask for everyone’s continued prayers as there is still much work to be done in our nation’s capital.

  4. Bob Sloan says:

    It was a privilege to be part of the Community of Hope from the beginning. The relationships developed there have lasted a lifetime. Thank you Tom for providing the opportunity for so many to serve. Thank you Lois for leading the early efforts in healthcare. Congratulations to Kelly and the entire staff of the Community of Hope for the work that they accomplish everyday to make a positive difference in the lives of so many. Receiving the Tom Nees Award was one of the highest honors that I have ever received. Thank you.

  5. Dodie Brady says:

    Thank you Tom, Bob, Kelly, COH staff, and all the donors and volunteers who give so generously of their time, wisdom, heart, and other resources to end homelessness. Thank you for the healing you bring to individuals and to the community through your dedication. You are exceptional, and I am honored to be part of your team. I realized in reading Tom’s post that Tom and Bob probably know some of the people I worked with in the early days, when Community of Hope was on Belmont. Looking back, I am reminded and so very proud of the extraordinary, ever increasing impact of Community of Hope. I honor and applaud the difference you have made, then and now.

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