Election Fears and Hopes

Two days after the election I joined with a group of friends, men and women, in Washington, D.C., to discuss our fears and hopes.  We were more interested in listening to one another than arguing about the uncertain future.  And we weren’t about to let political differences divide and destroy long-term relationships.   Friendship and family are too important for that.

I knew the people in the room well enough to know that we share a few common commitments that we hope will guide President-elect Trump as well.   Among them:


Shaped by ethical core values

Servant Leadership

Authority used for the collective good


Particularly for women, and all those who may differ from us


To disagree agreeably


Empathy for the poor and strangers among us


As fairness, the Golden Rule among nations and individuals


Where the majority protects the rights of minorities

Is this too much to hope for?

Will they be found in the leaders we choose to follow?

We’ll meet again in six months to see how it’s going.

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2 Responses to Election Fears and Hopes

  1. Gene Gabbard says:

    I like it. Who said “Government of the people, by the people and for the people”? I read that is to apply to every person, black, white, green, male, female, etc, etc. Mr. Lincoln got it right and fought our most difficult war to move us in that direction. I wish Mr. Trump would take that position for the benefit of all in our divided nation.

  2. Mark Fuller says:

    I appreciate your magnanimous and sensitive response to the political polarization we are experiencing after the recent national election. My only suggestion would be that under “respect” you add “for the law.” Without that nothing else on your prayer list for our nation is possible.

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