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  1. Jossie Owens says:

    Good morning Tom: I look forward to your writings! I love the way you process and think about life! I equally look forward to your book list. Typically, after reading your review of a book or subject, I head straight to Amazon, and order the book. I have never been disappointed. The subject of “covenant leaders” is one that I have been studying and teaching for the past several months in our churches.

    We need to go back to the biblical understanding of covenants in our relationship with God and people. The early church understood what it meant to be in a covenant relationship…. as there are so many examples of those types of relationships in the scriptures. We as the church need to be awakened in our own understanding of being in a covenant relationship with our Heavenly Father.

    If we understood the covenant relationship better, we would have more trust in one another and with our God. Please keep reading, writing, and keeping us on our toes… by your readings and writings…. I become better informed and then seek to learn more about the subject, apply it to my life, and seek to make a difference in the world. I am blessed to say that I am in a covenant relationship with my Lord and Savior and I trust Him to guide, instruct, and teach me in all things.

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